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Aircraft Safety Lighting



Portable hazardous area lighting solutions.

We will help you find the best portable hazardous area lighting solution for your Ex hazardous area working environment.

We work with Europe's largest manufacturer of portable intrinsically safe and ATEX Certified explosion protected lighting, designed, manufactured and certified in the United Kingdom for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres, and area requiring hazardous area lighting products.

Our wealth of experience and engineering knowledge is available to customers working in hazardous and extreme environments worldwide. Our core expertise lies in providing high-quality, innovative and fully customised, high quality portable hazardous area lighting solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres in the most demanding of conditions, Wolf Safety can meet your needs and requirements. We approach challenges from the customers point of view - this means constant communication, as well as a thorough study of the application where portable lighting is needed. Using a new range of portable mains powered low voltage lighting, incorporating latest technologies, modular and low maintenance design for safe use in Hazardous Areas, We have gained considerable expertise in the use of portable Fluorescent Luminaires, Handheld Luminaires, Halogen Spot lamps and ATEX certified transformers in offshore oil & gas, refining & petrochemical industries. Tank lighting kits supply safe low voltage lighting for vessel entry and tank cleaning operations in the oil and gas industries, aircraft maintenance and confined space entry, and by working closely with customers we can assist in identifying specific lighting configurations, cable length and type to comply with site requirements. A wide range of battery operated handheld portable lighting is also available, as well as accessories:- extension cables, splitter boxes, lamp stands, tripods, magnetic fixing kit, protective film, and lamp hanging kits all ideal for use in hazardous area lighting working enviroments.

For more information on how we can meet your requirements for safely lighting your working environment and all hazardous area lighting requirements, please contact us.